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March 1st, 2006

This week on “Get To Know Your Crew”… Wisconsin’s own Jess Morris! Our super-awesome-cool-dynamo intern treks all the way in from The Art Institute of San Diego. Translation: her dedication means she drives 3 hrs. each way and stays overnight in a dank dirty motel to be here every Tues & Wed.

Jess is also a very talented artist. Soon she’ll leave us and become a famous sought after artist, ignoring us in the hallway and trying to run us all down with her fancy European car while throwing Faberge eggs at us. So please, Jess, blog away…

To start, my name is Jess and I am the Production Intern. I go to the Art Institute down in San Diego for Media Arts and Animation. A few years ago I left my family and friends in Wisconsin to follow my fascination for animation and anything that has to do with it. So far is has brought me to where I am today! I have been driving up from San Diego every Tuesday and Wednesday for about two months now to intern here. The six hour round trip is well worth the drive! Being inside studio walls is something I can’t experience from school or learn from any book. To to top it off, what better studio to be working with other then Nickelodeon and Frederator??? I can’t think of any! Every moment spent here is an experience in its own. I look forward to it every week and am sad to go back to reality every Wednesday when I have to leave.

As an intern I have a lot of opportunities! Some of the things I have done so far are attend production meetings, checking meetings, retake sessions, storyboard pitches, help ship out shows, and help scan and organize artwork.
I also have taken two practice character design tests, which was a lot of fun and a learning experience in itself! It was so much fun to learn someone else’s style and then have the opportunity to meet with the artists and creators for a one-on-one critique. As an artist what else could I ask for??

Nickelodeon would be nothing without the people that run and work in the studio. The people here are amazing to work with and be around. I am enjoying hearing people’s stories about how they got here and what they hope to do in the future. I haven’t met one person that hasn’t at least given me a smile. It’s a great environment here, which is probably why the studio produces such wonderful cartoons!


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Jess they look really good! Looks just like the style of the X’s, as if you were Carlos Ramos himself designed that character! Keep up the great work! -Steve


It is clear you have great talent, and are an all around great person..I too started out as an intern at Hanna-Barbera making photocopies, filing drawings, typing expense reports, and picking up lunches…AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT..just being inside a cartoon studio was so exciting and inspiring. I wish you all the luck and success in the world!


I’m glad you had to leave Wisconsin. Your dream just wasn’t here. Keep up the good work and please, no eggs in my direction


It’s great to here about people living out their dreams, thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to see more of this Jess… Just when I thaught I was too mature for cartoons and animation… I heard about this inspirational artist, with exceptional talent. Now I’m am trying to see more of her work. Does anyone know where I can find more?


jess i’m so glad you have this awesome opportunity that has allowed you to immerse yourself in an environment with such incredible and inspiring people. You have an extraordinary talent and undeniable creativity; above all else.. you have the heart to live your dreams through. you will be amazing.


awesome job jess!!…we miss you out here in the coldness that is wisconsin!!…san diego and nickelodeon are sooo lucky!!


Jess, your doing great!!! Iam so proud of you…its so exciting to read about you and your ventures through the studio-keep it up girl!


Wisconsin is too cold for your artistic hands, we’ll keep sending you the snowy pictures of Milwaukee to keep that animation motivation lit within you.
We think of you daily and gain more pride in you each minute. Keep up the excellent work, success has begun and will always be with you.
“You Go Girl!” :)


i enjoy getting your updates…. usually my niece, Julie Duero keeps me up dated keepup the good job and much success. I used to be in some of your Grandmother’d School House Player plays wayback in the early 90’s enjoy and have fun- make a lot of money someday too- Ellen


hahahahahah enchantra is hilarious. GO JESSICA!!!!! U KNO I LUV U GRL…congrats on everybody finally recognizing what a badass, talented and beautiful invdividual you are. hopefully you start making yourself some damn money off it, too! hahaha okay enough of my ghetto schtick. i’m happy you’re doing so well. i know it’s just the beginning!

xo jesse


Nick. and Fed. have no idea that they will soon be begging you to stay with them.
When you win the Oscar for best animation, I expect you to mention my name. Can I be a seat-filler?
I need some LaDuc’s Butter pecan custard.
Did I mention that I am sooooooooo proud of you?

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