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Toasting Popeye

February 2nd, 2007



We’re wrapping up our Popeye-a-thon here at ReFrederator with a odd little novelty from 1954 —”Popeye’s 20th Anniversary.” Look’s like the old salt is the guest of honor at some sort of tribute banquet. Apparently no one thought to invite any other cartoon characters (except for Olive Oyl and Bluto) so a bunch of movie star caricatures show up instead (one can only imagine the likes of, oh, say Buzzy the Crow or Little Audrey steaming at this obvious snub.) Good thing Popeye remembered to bring his movie projector along to liven up the party.

By the way, math was not Paramount’s best subject — at this point Popeye had been appearing in animated films for a little over 21 years!

Things get a little strange around here next week. Check out Just Plain Weird Week starting Monday.

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Dave Kirwan

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