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Of Frogs and Faces

February 8th, 2007


Today we witness the tragic spectacle of Flip the Frog denying his noble amphibian heritage. By time he made “Funny Face,” one of his last films, the once proud puddle jumper had all frog references in his movie credits removed — now he was just plain Flip (”Flip” — how catchy! How trendy! How sad!) Then he underwent excruciating cosmetic surgery to have a talking Halloween mask of a human boy attached to his own God given slimy head — all in pursuit of a forbidden inter-species romance with a little girl. Oh, call me old fashioned, but this whole affair makes me r-e-a-l-l-y uncomfortable. And besides, by this point, it’s not like he was looking all that much like a frog in the first place!


Not that the cutey-pie in question has any right to throw stones. She obviously had Betty Boop’s face grafted onto her skinny little Ub Iwerks designed body.

P.C. alert! Some cartoon characters of Asian and African decent show up, decked out in full stereotypical display.

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Dave Kirwan

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These are great! I really admire the style of these cartoons. Even tho they’re not colored, at times cast shadows on the background, and its extremely apparent when a prop is going to move because its inked like the characters and doesn’t blend into the background well at all, its awesome! I have been inspired by this! ( this isn’t a joke, i really do admire it! )

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