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What’s up with Sugarfoot

December 20th, 2006

It’s been a bit of a layoff between posts for me. Any-who’s-a-witzit, in the time since our last speaking, animation has come and gone, and the cartoon has been “locked.” So enjoy this slight collection of stills from our little picture:

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Postcard Post

October 24th, 2006

A little late to the postcard party, but here’s my “Sugarfoot” contribution:



Human-Error Factor

October 14th, 2006

This post doesn’t have a whole lot to do with “Sugarfoot” but was inspired by Fred’s recent posts about the early days of MTV.
I’m a sucker for animation that involves a really good pop song. I’d rather watch “Yellow Submarine” than pre-teen mermaid coming-of-age stories any day.
Here’s a couple for your enjoyment. Both are stop-motion offerings, which definitely gives off that early MTV vibe and a charming hand-made quality.
The first up is the Mates of State’s “Fraud in the 80s,” directed by Arno Salters.

Next up is “Oh, Mandy” from The Spinto Band. The video is directed by Jon Watts.



Who wants more BGs?

October 9th, 2006

Here’s a couple more BGs from inside the Dinosaur and Cowboy museum.

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The WHH Museum of Cowboys & Dinos

September 15th, 2006

So what does a dinosaur and cowboy museum look like from the inside?
Like this:


Another helpin’ of BGs

September 7th, 2006

Here’s a couple more backgrounds for “Sugarfoot” designed by Brad and colored by Julia.
Sugarfoot’s school:

The place Sugarfoot wants to go more than anywhere else_the Walter Henry Holcombe Museum of Cowboys and Dinosaurs.
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High-Falootin’ BGs

September 1st, 2006


We’re in the thick of background and color design over at the temporary “Sugarfoot” headquarters over at Renegade Animation.
Brad Gake supplied the rollicking layout designs and Julia Kalantarova added the wonderful color to Sugarfoot’s bedroom (above).
Because of the collage elements involved with the backgrounds, it’s been very interesting to see how Brad and Julia compliment each other’s work on the BGs.
Here’s a before-and-after example of what Brad and Julia each contributed to the BG of Sugarfoot’s house.

Brad’s layout:
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A Smattering of Paste-Eaters

August 17th, 2006


I’ve been a lazy blogger for a few weeks. Here’s a heapin’ helping of designs for Sugarfoot’s classmates to try and make up for it.
“Sugarfoot” is knee-deep in BG design and character layout right now. I’ll have some fun surprises to share next week unless I come down with another case of sloth.


“We’re rolling…this is the good one!”

July 27th, 2006


(L-R) Charlie Schlatter, Dee Bradley Baker, Jennifer Hale, and myself, Erik Knutson.

A photo of people in good spirits? Why it must be cast photo time!
The cast of “Sugarfoot” gathered to record Friday morning while a majority of the animation industry was at the “root beer and cheese-scented” extravaganza that is Comic-Con.
Charlie Schlatter was fantastic as the titular star of this little picture show. Sugarfoot accounts for 85-percent of the dialogue.
Dee Bradley Baker brought his wonderful bag of grunts and growls to the wordless Socko, the bully, and Newspaper guy, the newspaper guy. Jennifer Hale provided the only voice of reason as the delightful Ms. Penelope, the school teacher.
Big kudoes to voice director Collette Sunderman for getting great performances out of each actor.
Also, thanks to Meredith Layne for helping me put together such an outstanding cast.
Finally, pictures and sound come together Friday as I cut the animatic (with an emphasis on “cut”) to put an [Read more…]

Introducing: Sugarfoot!

July 13th, 2006


Summerteeth is dead!
…in name only.
Welcome, Sugarfoot.
Due to a copyright issue, the name “Summerteeth” had to be changed. After a week of going through name after name (”hmm….Mayonnaise MacIntosh? maybe…”), “Sugarfoot” showed up. Big thanks to Melissa for being my brainstorming buddy when Sugarfoot appeared.
Some of the other names that were thrown to the scrap heap during the search included: Rube, Kirkwood, Coldyron, Shoeboogie, Sonny, Dewayne, Maynard, Silverteeth Sala, and Potatoes O’Gratin (sorry, Howie).
Also, we’ve got a cast set for recording next Friday, but I’ll save that for later.