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Super John Doe Junior


July 23rd, 2006


Hello, all. Perhaps it will help dull the pain of the Red Sox just-concluded 9-8 loss to Seattle to do a little blogging. Here, thanks to the combined talents of Sunil Hall and Jenny Baker, is the living room of the Doe family. Don’t it look all comfy? Just a couple minor adjustments to go on the animatic, and soon we’ll be shipping this thing out.

Hope everyone’s having a great summer. If you happen to be in Maine, look me up.



June 25th, 2006


Hey, everyone! Try to match the names of the actors from the “Super John Doe Junior” cast with the pictures above! Hours of enjoyment!
1. David Shaughnessy as Blimey
2. Sandy Fox as Robin
3. Marc Graue as Anchorman
4. Jim Connor as Super John Doe
5. My puppy Scout
6. Andy Morris as Evil Butthead
7. John Zee as Mayor
8. Kimberly Brooks as Super John Doe Jr.
9. Betsy Foldes as Mom

Thanks to all the wonderful actors, great to meet you all. Of course my admiration for your work isn’t helping me much as I decide which lines to cut to get this cartoon down to 6:40. Wish me luck.
(Insert standard apology for not blogging more frequently here.)


Mr. Lincoln


June 1st, 2006


Yes, friends, it looks like Super John Doe’s in trouble. Evil Butthead has snatched away his super powers and is now tossing him around like an unwanted “Tickle Me Elmo.” Fortunately, Super John Doe JUNIOR will soon be along to save the day.

Voice recording is set for a week from today! Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Peace, love, and Vernon Oxford,

Mr. Lincoln


May 15th, 2006


Hello again, all, and once more I must apologize for taking so long between posts. Anyway, you are looking LIVE at Slumber City, the hometown of Super John Doe Junior and the setting for my short. In the foreground is the Doe residence. Ain’t it homey-looking? This is the opening panel from Fred Gonzales’ final board, with a major tip of the cap to Sunil Hall whose initial sketches provided the inspiration. Many thanks, guys. I’m currently going over the board to make some tweaks while waiting for my recording date to get nailed down. Though I normally don’t particularly like to travel, I must admit I’m looking forward to a trip to LA; here in the Northeast it’s been raining non-stop for about 10 days now, with no end in sight. Cheers!

Mr. Lincoln


April 23rd, 2006


Hello again, friends and neighbors. While the profoundly talented Fred Gonzales continues his work on the Super John Doe Junior storyboard, I’ve been passing the time with my new puppy, Scout. Scout is a mini-whoodle (half miniature poodle, half wheaten terrier) with a winning personality, not-so-winning breath, and a bladder the size of a Malibu Barbie espresso cup. Don’t know yet if she likes cartoons, but I’m guessing yes. Post your replies to this question: who is the cartoon or comic strip animal that my new pup most closely resembles? Thanks!



April 13th, 2006


Howdy, friends and neighbors, and my apologies for not posting in awhile. Anyway, board artist FRED GONZALES finished the rough storyboard for Super John Doe Junior last week and did a fantastic job! BRIAN HOGAN (director) and I have weighed in with our notes, and Fred’s now back to work on the final board. Meanwhile, SUNIL HALL is working on bg’s, and ERIC HOMAN has a good idea for a bg colorist — details to follow soon!

Also, I just got a puppy. I’ll have to try to post a photo soon. All for now.

Mr. Lincoln


April 4th, 2006


Hello, friends and neighbors. Very happy to report that the following actors will be supplying the vocals for “Super John Doe Junior”:

Junior: Kimberly Brooks
Super John Doe: Jim Connor
Evil Butthead: Andy Morris
Blimey: David Shaughnessy
Robin: Sandy Fox
Mom: Betsy Foldes
Anchorman: Marc Graue
Mayor: John Zee

Looking forward to the meeting you all! Thanks!

Mr. Lincoln


March 27th, 2006


March indeed. But soon it will be April. Which means April Fool’s Day. Which means that this morning, on my weekly radio show (”South by Southwest”, Monday mornings, 8:30 to 10:30 AM on WMPG in Portland, Maine), I devoted the entire two hours to playing “fool” songs like “Mr. Fool” by George Jones and “You Played Me For a Fool” by Slim Willet. I only play music recorded prior to 1975. Any other fans of vintage country music out there?

But I digress. I just sent a package of character designs and turnarounds out to LA. The charming and lovely Therese Trujillo will in turn forward those to the multitalented Fred Gonzalez and Brian Hogan, who will be storyboarding and directing this short, respectively. Sunil is also on board, which reminds me that I don’t even know Sunil’s name yet. Sunil, maybe you can just go with a singular name, in [Read more…]


March 20th, 2006


What would any superhero story be without the sight of a panicky mayor (or police commissioner, Batman fans) trying desperately to summon said superhero via some sort of telecommunication hotline? Here’s Slumber City’s mayor doing just that. “Super John Doe! Come in! SUPER JOHN DOE!! ARE YOU THERE??”

Spent a good chunk of the weekend listening to voice auditions for SJDJ. What a blast! Some clear favorites have definitely emerged, and I’ll be talking to Meredith soon to make my picks official. All for now.



March 15th, 2006


It’s really not all that difficult to master the Mister Spock Vulcan salute when you’ve only got two fingers and a thumb.

This suave and debonair fellow is part of Junior’s dream sequence in “Super John Doe Junior.” He’ll either be an adversary or a love interest. Still trying to figure that out. More soon!

Mister Lincoln