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Pen & Jake

January 24th, 2006



Turn-arounds for Pen and Jake of Pen Ward’s “Adventure Time” fame.

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Its an interesting style for a cartoon character. Something you might see in my 12yr old brothers notebook. Colors fit the designs well, but kinda ~strange~ the dog on his feet’s “turn around”


One pitch and yer an expert now, eh?


Its not bad, just the middle lower turn around seems alittle off. And i just know abit of things, i aint no expert.


Its also my opion.




Dude, these characters are RAD.


Based on what I’ve seen on the blogs, this is my favorite of the Oh Yeahs so far. Well, this and, of course, HORNSWIGGLE. I’m chuckling just looking at the drawings…can’t wait to see these in movement.


Pen rules! Thank God Fred and company are smart enough to not only see his genious but to buy it! As for these turns they are more than amazing. Just a word to anyone who thinks these look primitive because he doesnt know any better, you couldnt be more wrong! He knows what lame rules to break and exactly how to do it! Pen is the future!


Yeah! That rocks. rox. ra-w-ks. Forget the traditional/technical/tonguetwisting/too-tah turnarounds! These look great. It’s all about the style you want, not preserving the style that someone else wanted and now you are smacking it on your creation. Hope that made sense.


I had a dream about you last night my dear. We were counting my polkadots. When we got to 243 you puked. You were drinking. I didn’t care though and we proceeded to cuddle.

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