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Three Rooms In Teapot’s House

March 14th, 2006

Teapot! backgrounds, designed by Bill Flores, painted by Rae McCarson.


Living Room

And Mama’s Bedroom


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I love these bkgs! I love how it has the painted look to it even tho it prob really is painted :) Cant wait for the short! -Steve


Rae I don’t know if you remember me or not but you used to baby-sit me in Cedartown. I was up late surfing the web and saw some of your art work, looks like your doing well. It was great to see your pictures.


Rae your work is outstanding. I’ve liked everything you’ve ever done that I’ve ever seen.



Love the asymmetric reality and the used up toilet paper roll…was wondering about the Totem poles & Geodes. fhawm@yahoo.com


Thanks for your interest in my personal work. For my latest work with the mineral king/queendom you can see a few things on my blogspot.


Rae you did an excellent job with the pictures and the graphics. I really liked the pictures.

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