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What, No Clowns?

April 4th, 2006


Pitcher of cartoon shorts DanO passively/aggressively comments elsewhere on this site:

“just make sure and don’ty submit ANY cartoons with clowns in them to Fred. no matter how aesthetically they are handled. clowns don’t work. people are afraid of clowns. this is an absolute that Fred went on at length to me about.”

You can read the rest of his semi-anonymous comment here.

Now, we get lots of pitches and can’t remember specifically DanO or his pitch. However, we do apologize if we led him or anyone else to believe we have absolutes here at Frederator (i.e. no clowns, monkeys, pirates, etc). Some places do. Maybe DanO caught us on a bad day, or a day where we got a couple of other clown pitches (like superheroes with wacky powers pitches or bugs in a rock band pitches, they begin to blend together after five or so). Or maybe we gave him our point-of-view that, as independent producers, we need to sell projects to networks, and maybe the general vibe in of buyers in town is that clowns are currently a tough sell (like aliens and cowboys, they are). Or maybe there were other things we felt weren’t right about the pitch (rightly or wrongly) and DanO prefers to concentrate on the clown angle. If any of us really does have our shorts in twist about clowns, I’d still like to think we’d put aside that aversion if we found what we thought was a truly distinctive project and special filmmaker.

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i object to being associated with the clown in that picture and i’m going to pursue legal action for the sleep i will lose after viewing it.


Somehow, I never thought Frederatorâ„¢ had any issues with pirates.


Our no-cow policy coupled with our no-pirate policy creates a double negative. Carrozza wins!


That’s tough considering the no double-negative policy.


Here’s a funny pic for all you clown haters out there.



Clown Watcher, the page you posted did not work..maybe you can turn it into a tiny url at http://www.tinyurl.com.


I’m afraid of clowns… They carry oversized hammers and saws. Issues… I know.


Can anyone say “Clown Clone” several times fast? It’s surprisingly entertaining.


I still hate clowns.

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