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Random! Cartoons Studio Screening #2

August 16th, 2006


Well, by the photo above, you can see just how thick was the throng trying to get into tonight’s second studio screening of Random! Cartoon shorts (why we required a hat for admittance, I’m not sure). Held in the Nickelodeon gym, the screening was made up of Kyle Carrozza’s “MooBeard the Cow Pirate”, Aliki Theofilopoulos’s “Yaki & Yumi”, Hiroshi Chida’s “Boneheads”, and Raul Aguirre, Jr, and Bill Ho’s “Hero Heights”. The fine folks at Nick were kind enough to spring for mini-corn dogs, mac & cheese, a smattering of veggies, and tasty brownies with nuts. These studio screenings can be kind of tough, as the crowd often consists mainly of fellow animators and filmmakers, a hardened, cynical lot indeed. The turnout was splendid, with many of the voice actors and artists in attendance. And, best of all, the response to the four films was terrific, matched only by the shower of love given to the ruggedly handsome m.c. Congratulations, Kyle, Aliki, Hiroshi, Raul, and Bill, on a job well-done.

PS. We’re playing catch-up with these screenings, so we’ll hopefully hold the third in the next few weeks.

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Unfortunately I cant go :(… by the way, when will this screening be available on bootleg DVD for me a NY’er to watch? :-P


It was sooo much fun!!! I am still high! ( or maybe it’s from the “yellow #5″ in the corndogs)
Congrats filmmakers!!!


I think it’s really impressive how high the quality is in these shorts. There’s not a dud in the bunch. Congrats.


Is there any way that people who can’t make the screenings can see the films? Maybe DVD screeners or something? You could even burn our names in the corner so they dont get leaked or whatever.


Of course not. I think, at this point, there are only two parties outside Nick to have copies of a completed short - the creator and Fred. Word is we’ll see the premiere in January. In the meantime, next time you stop by the studio, we could wrangle up a copy for you to view.


Thanks Eric! It was an honor to have our work screened in front of colleagues, peers, and of course Larry.

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