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More Than 100 Voices Later…

September 1st, 2006


So, with yesterday’s recording of Maurice LaMarche as Pickle Cop in “Bit Boy”, we wrapped up all the recording for this season of 39 Random! cartoons. According to company records, tt looks like Kyle first recorded his MooBeard cast last August 24. In just a bit more than a year, 119 voice artists lent their talents to our season. That’s a lot. And you need to remember, for every one of those actors (including some who worked on a few shorts), there were several more who auditioned in one way or another.

The biggest thanks, by far, go to Nickelodeon voice caster Meredith Layne. She took on the Herculean task of accommodating the casting needs of the Random! creators, all of whom are notoriously needy. Thanks, Meredith, to you and your trusty sidekick, Erin Giesenhagen. We could not have done it without you.

And, now, thanks to the 119 folks whose voices you’ll hear this season on Random! Cartoons. (The numbers refer to how many shorts this season in which the actor is featured.)

Adam Busch
Alan Goodman
Alana Ubach
Alex Polinsky
Aliki Theofilopoulos (3)
Andre Sogliuzzo
Andrew Dickman
Andy Morris
Annie Mumolo (3)
Audrey Wasilewski
Becky Poole
Becky Thyre
Betsey Beutler
Betsy Foldes
Billy West (2)
Bobby Costanzo
Bobcat Goldthwait
Brett Pels
Candi Milo (3)
Carlos Alazarqui
Cathey Lewis
Charles Kim
Charlie Adler (2)
Charlie Schlatter (3)
Cheryl Chase
Chuck McCann (2)
Colleen O’Shaughnessey (2)
Dan Finnerty
Danica McKellar
Daran Norris
Dave “Gruber” Allen
David Busch
David Hornsby
Debi Derryberry
Dee Bradley Baker (7)
Don Cameron
Don LaFontaine
Doug TenNapel
E.G. Daily
Elijah Runcorn
Eric Bergman
Erica Luttrell
Frankie Ingrassia
Fred Stoller
Fred Tatasciore
Gary Littman
Gerrianne Raphael
Greg Eagles
Hilda Boulware
Hynden Walch
J.P. Manoux
James Sie
Ja’net DuBois
Jeff Bennett (7)
Jeff DeGrandis
Jeff Doucette
Jennifer Hale
Jennie Kwan (2)
Jentle Phoneix
Jess Harnell
Jessica DiCiccio (2)
Jessie Flower
Jim Connor
Jim MacGeorge
Jim Meskimen
Jim Wyatt
Joel McCrary
John Dilworth
John DiMaggio (3)
John Kassir (3)
John Mariano
John A. Zee
Josh Peck
June Foray (2)
Karen Henry
Karen Malina White
Kari Wahlgren
Kevin Michael Richardson (4)
Kimberly Brooks
Kyle Carrozza
LaTonya Holmes
Lloyd Floyd (2)
Lynne Maclean
Manny Galan
Marc Graue
Mark Hamill
Maurice LaMarche (4)
Max Burkholder
Mike Milo
Nancy Cartwright
Nika Futterman (2)
Niki Yang
Noah Nelson
Paige Moss
Pen Ward
Phil Nee
Polly Lou Livingston
Quinton Flynn
Raphael Sbarge
Raul Aguirre, Jr
Rene Auberjonois
Rob Paulsen (3)
Robert Cait
Rodger Bumpass
Sandy Fox
S. Scott Bullock (3)
Scott Frasina
Shar Hammond
Stephen Root
Stephen Stanton
Steve Largay
Steve Purnick
Tara Strong
Teresa Ganzel
Tom Kenny
Tress MacNeille
Wil Wheaton
Zach Shada

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Wow those are ALOT of people!!!


WOW! That is an AWESOME list!
You have A LOT of the best Characters in the VA communtity!
Well DONE!!
If you counted up all of the character that this is has done I think it would be a pretty LARGE city of funny and maybe a little bit odd characters!! Awesome!!
Which Cartoon is Charile Adler in???
I loved all of his stuff in Cow & Chicken!!!!


Mr Adler is not the one Finster, but the other one, in “The Finster Finster Show” as well Bossie in “Dr Froyd’s Funny Farm”.


Hah! I’m on the list too? XD who’da thunk it.


What a great list! Great actors for the great creators who created their parts. It has seemed to me for the almost 15 years that I’m in this business that we don’t honor our own enough, so this is a great start. Leave it to Eric Homan, a fantastic fan.


Oh my gosh..this is such a great post..thanks Eric..I had fun clicking through some of these links :)

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