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OIAF Category E – Student Animation Competition

September 26th, 2006

Part II of my re-cap of the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Mr. Schwarz, Mr. Hazen & Mr. Horlocker

Okay, So this category is divided into three sections: High School; Undergraduate; and Graduation.

High School Animation The main thing here, the very best thing, is that there are high schools out there dedicated to encouraging their students to make cartoons. And pretty good ones, too. My favorite film here was by Hye Jin Park, Hyun Joo Song, Ji Na Yoon, and Min Hee Jang from Korean Animation High School. “Black Box” featured a TV-addicted bear finding out what really goes on inside the black box.

Black Box

Undergraduate Animation Without a doubt, ”Le Building”, by Marco Nguyen, Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonede, Olivier Staphylasm and Remi Zaarour at Gobelins in France. I feel everyone and his mom has seen this short short by now (we even featured it in a Channel Frederator episode a while back). Click here to see it. I never get tired of watching this cartoon.

Dachau Near Munich

Graduation Animation. Really tough call. My favorite screening at last year’s festival was the student screening. This year, the student films were folded into the five shorts screenings. Pound for pound, these films stood out as the most exciting of the festival, at least to me. I keep going over the eight graduate cartoons here, and after narrowing it down to two – Frederik Ring’s “Dachau Near Munich” and Stefan Mueller’s “Mr. Schwarz, Mr. Hazen & Mr. Horlocker”, I’m going to have to go with the latter. The two films couldn’t be more different (except they’re both German). Mueller’s film was the quickest 7:40 of the festival. And it was funny, too.

One quick note: My three picks above all were featured in Short Competition 5, which featured fifteen films. It was an awesome screening, every cartoon just extremely good, in my opinion.

For the categories above, the Ottawa jury awarded “Le Building” and “Mr. Schwarz, Mr. Hazen & Mr. Horlocker” first place prizes with “Black Box” receiving Honorable Mention in the high school category. The nifty one-minute Flash film, “Check, by Canada’s Samuel MacKinnon, won that prize. And Chris Choy’s “The Possum” received and an honorable mention for his undergraduate CalArts film.

Congratulations, everyone. I hope your films reach animation lovers everywhere.

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thanks for linking all these great films to the blog. It’s my best source for seeing these independent films.

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