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Watch Adventure Time On YouTube

January 16th, 2007

So, after a quarter of a million views by unique viewers, “Adventure Time” has been pulled off Google. Maybe it was too popular. So watch it here at YouTube.

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Man thats messed up how they took it off google but whatever they don’t know what they are missing out on, (wait don’t they own youtube too?)) Anyway Adventure Time is freaking awesome and I seriously can’t wait for more. ((I think I speak for all Adventure Time fans when Im say we need more!))


So whats next for Adventure Time?


Agreed. This is the funniest cartoon I’ve seen in quite some time. PLEASE continue the adventures of this intrepid boy and his dog! To the MAX!


Funniest thing seen by animation lovers in a long while, reminding us of why we loved cartoons in the first place!


Are there any higher quality versions we can actually download? I’d like to have it on my PC and iPod.


There is a way to grab videos from sites like YouTube, GoogleVideo, and DailyMotion. Go here: http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php and download “Video Downloader”. You’ll also need something to play them back, like FLV player. The new update to the PSP software will play FLV files as native files, but I’m not sure about the iPod. You may need to convert the FLV files into something else.


Think Adventure time will continue? We need to know what happens to the Ninjas and Old Man.


anyone notice anything similar about adventure time and Bumperboy? http://bumperboy.net/meet/index.html . Apparently its about a boy and his dog, who seem to have HUGE design similarities to Pen and his dog. Especially the dogs hat, and the boys face


dude.. what? that’s like saying this:
“http://tinyurl.com/ynvwl4″ looks like this: “http://tinyurl.com/2adtwq” looks like this: “http://tinyurl.com/27pcbn” looks like this: “http://tinyurl.com/ysrffq” … i mean.. you’re just yankin my chain right? “the boys face”? it’s two dots and a line. you could turn that into math. bumperboy looks cool though.. he looks like he’s made of yolk.


I don’t see it. Ya gotta love anonymous posts.


adventure time= definitely original!


Anonymous is like 50 patoots.


yr flat out WRONG about the design similarities. Bumper boy is retardedtastic, while Pen’s A T is Redonkulously Awesome. Pen’s been drawing in that style for as long as I’ve known him, and continues to rock it hardcore.
No cookies or handhakes for you my anonymous friend.
Pen, once again, Great job. I hope this gets picked up by the big boys.


Whoa, I just stumbled upon this discussion, and I’d also have to disagree with “Anonymous.” I draw Bumperboy, and for those of us who do simple lines, there is the risk of having a style “similar” to a billion others. Adventure Time is very original and makes you say, “What the hell is this? But it works!” Great job, Pen! BTW, Bumperboy is not made of eggs! He’s just a yellow dude.


I really hope Random Cartoons picks up. I loved OH YEAH cartoons so much back when cartoons were good.


You’re all wrong. A…Time is a total rip off of that classic Lassie film from 1943 where Lassie fathers all these illegitimate puppies and ends up eating his own paw off to escape a bunch of transvestite Nazi’s….uh….um….my memory may be off a bit…….Good luck, Pen.


You really brought animation back from the dead man. The world needs cartoons like this. Keep it up!


We need to know what happens to the Ninjas and Old Man and the diamonds!!! Funniest thing ever!! Keep making awesome cartoons!


That was probably the greatest thing I’ve ever watched. That was intertaining for both me as an adult, and my 12 year old cousin. Great work. I *expect* more soon.

Can I find other pieces of your work somewhere? E-mail me TheBSG Gmail.com


man i soo need to get this on my ipod and fast!!!


I love adventure time, to the max! Really, we got a whole group of people at my school watching it. This totally needs more episodes. I would watch them all the time. With my teeth.


this is proberly the best thing ive watched in my life, its so ingenious and unharmfull i cant see why it should be a propper television series, the fact that they use random mathamatical terms as like names and adjectives is just awsome, please make more? i cant get enough of it


It looks like Viacom took it down from Youtube. A case of miscommunication between the left and right hands, perhaps?


Oh no Dezro, both hands know what they were doing, unfortunately. You can now find Adventure Time embedded in another of my posts (served from AddictingClips.com): http://frederatorblogs.com/post/3365



Wow, thank goodness Viacom is out there to protect its vital commodities from, you know, the people who create them and stuff. It’s not like the word of mouth from Adventure Time being on Youtube is going to make a BLOCKBUSTER SMASH HIT for them someday.

Oh, wait, yes it is. Wow, Viacom lawyers are pretty darned stupid people.


I NEED MORE! This is such an awesome cartoon!


Awesome. More. More! MORE!

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