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Thurop Stops By

October 1st, 2010

The Black Forest

When we asked Thurop Van Orman what he’s been up to since Flapjack wrapped production (besides re-growing his beard), we had no idea it would be as cool as Black Forest, a feature he’s been developing. Thanks a ton for stopping by the Frederator compound yesterday, Thurop, and telling us about the project. Of course, we’re quite grateful your allowing us to show these cracking images on our blogs. Good luck.

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Having A Lovely Time, Wish You Were Here

October 21st, 2005


It’s been a busy week. We saw the big re-pitches for “Adventure Time’ and “Teapot!”, sat in on a couple of pitches by a few of our favorite artists and people, including Alex Kirwan, Eric Robles, and Pat Ventura among others, and were in a bunch of meetings about something we’re working on outside Oh Yeah! but which may be just as cool. Last night Frederator was out in full force for a smashing party celebrating the end of series production of The Fairly OddParents. It was in downtown LA at the ultra-hip Hotel Figueroa. Most importantly, I got to hear Fred’s story of his having to kick Eric Clapton out his seat at the Concert for Bangladesh. We’re continuing to have a blast here, and are looking forward to the next two weeks which will have us put five new shorts in production. Stick with us.

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