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August 22nd, 2006


This was the scene from our next to last mixing session for Teapot. There were about four audio sessions we had in post and although I actually can’t remember exactly what happened at this one, I’m pretty sure this session was all about sound effects. For example, how big should the fart be and how juicy!

Our SFX guru created layers of sound for just about every action on the screen. We could then drop off layers if the sound was too much or experiment with adding new sounds. What you can’t do at this stage is add any new music tracks. The music by this point is set. That’s why it’s better to compose too much music than too little since you can’t go back and add more. BTW, that’s advice from Larry Huber so I can’t take the credit for it.

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Anne Takes on Teapot

July 26th, 2006


Anne did a sweet little sketch of Teapot and crew while we were at the booth at Comic-Con. Figured I’d share it! I tried my hand at one of Anne’s characters. I did a very…interesting Tabby.


Teapot at Comic-Con

July 19th, 2006


Hey folks! Two BIG announcements this morning!

First, the Teapot crew is going to be at Comic-Con in full force. Check us out at the Smorgasbord Productions booth N-14 in Small Press. Dahveed! (me) will be signing Thursday from 10am to 1pm. Greg Eagles and Cathy Lewis will be signing Saturday 12pm to 5pm. Anne Walker will be there promoting Mind the Kitty and I’ll be there pushing my new Mad Beanz! figures (check out Mad Beanz) All other Random Cartoon folks are invited to stop by and we’ll try to help you promote as well!

Also, Teapot Website is now online! Check it out yawl!



July 19th, 2006

Well, looks like Teapot is completed. It’s been a fun and enlightening journey. And on behalf of my partner Da-veed I’d like to say thanks to all of our fans who have given your support throughout the past few months and I hope when you see the finished product it will be worth the wait. And special thanks to Fred Siebert and Larry Huber for the opportunity. And Bob Alvarez for his impeccable direction. And to all the very talented individuals who have worked behind the scenes and in front of the mic, thanks for helping make Teapot a reality. This has truelly been an enlightening experience in more ways than one. And after providing voices for many cartoon characters over the years I have a whole new respect for the craft of animation after working on this project. And, yes, this is the just the first of many–hopefully! GREG [Read more…]

Final Title Card

June 17th, 2006


And here’s the final Title Card devoted entirely to our super star director- Robert Alvarez! Bob did a great job on Teapot and obviously the word has gotten out since I noticed two other Random toons also snagged him to direct. Just remember we discovered him first…well, we disovered him after he directed Power Puffs, Cow & Chicken, Grim, Johnny Bravo, Teenage Robot, and like 100 other projects…but we re-discovered him first as a Random Cartoon director. So there!

2nd Title Card

June 1st, 2006


This is the second title card crowded with posters of some of the talented folks who worked on Teapot. Gotta make sure everyone’s name is spelled right or I’ll be in trouble!


Teapot Titlecards!

May 30th, 2006


Here’s my 2nd pass at the Teapot opening title card. Teapot went to town with some colored chalk and seems very proud of himself.

It’s still not done. The red lettering on the red brick wall doesn’t stand out quite as much as we’d hoped…might try some other colors although I still want to keep them Teapot colors.


Teapot Poster

May 28th, 2006


This was my first shot at doing the Teapot postcard/poster. This isn’t the final version but if anyone has any suggestions feel free to share.

I already got some good feedback and some ideas for changes. I’ll probably remove the text and darken the outline around the Teapot logo.


Finish Line in Sight

May 14th, 2006


Here is one of the many nameless background characters from Teapot. Actually, many of these background characters ended up with names and stories of their own. It sometimes helps me to come up with backstories for even the bit players so that when I’m drawing them they look more believable. This particular guy is a wannabe who is trying to imitate Silkbone by tying a cardboard Silkbone sign around his chest. When he finally gets to meet Silkbone in person he is going to be so deliriously happy and nervous he will puke.

Anyway, as we mentioned the animation turned out great. The next step is re-takes. Basicly we went through and caught any mistakes the animators made and then they will go back and fix them. There really were almost no problems at all so it’s no biggie.

As always we’ll continue to keep you posted on the progress. [Read more…]


May 10th, 2006


Teapot is back! Fully animated! Wang Studios did a great job! We are extremely pleased with everything! (As you can tell by all the !!!’s) Thanks go to everybody who worked on it! Can’t wait to show it to all our fans who have been so supportive throughout the process! Teapot lives!!!

Greg Eagles & Dahveed!