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That New Show Smell

Studio NM8 Comes to Pitch

March 19th, 2007


Yesterday Eric and I met with Studio NM8’s Don Cameron and Dana Booton as well as Ratzafratz’ Karl Toerge. They accquainted us with a couple of their projects, and the one that caught our eye was “Sis ‘n Bro”, a show about a rivalry-fueled pair of siblings inspired by Don’s *actual* relationship with his sister.

Thanks for stopping in, you three! We look forward to seeing more from you!

My 46th run-in with Eric Bauza

February 21st, 2007


Walking into the Nickelodeon main building, I ran into Eric Bauza heading out from an El Tigre record. Eric is a swell guy who I keep running into over the years, and I thought I would give a little shout out to him on our blog.

Not only is he an incredibly talented voice artist (Voice of “Stimpy” on The Adult Party Ren&Stimpy cartoons, and currently the voice of Rodolfo Rivera on Nick’s new series, El Tigre), he is also a fantabulous character designer and artist.

Eric wasn’t kidding when he said his blog needed to be updated, but his designs are very nifty. Mas por favor, Eric.

Keep an eye out on this guy. He’s going places.



February 14th, 2007

Well, good news for those of you in “The Biz” who don’t have a Valentine’s Day date this year. A new dating site called “Cast-A-Date” (might as well be direct!) brings the casting couch right to your computer! Why waste your time going to “silly” auditions, when you can land parts by “dating” (loose term) casting directors and agents on the site!

I seriously thought this site was some desperate producer’s idea of a sick joke, but lo and behold, it’s real. Scarily real. Defamer has a great post about this today.

I wonder if there’s a category for artists and animators? Something tell me…not so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Random! Party Pics!

February 2nd, 2007

Casey James Basichis , Colin Fleming, Larry Leichleiter, Adam Muto, and Pen Ward


Hey Everyone! Random Wrap Party Pics are up on Flickr! Click HERE to be directed to them!


Eric Homan sighted

November 2nd, 2006


Yes, folks, that’s right. This isn’t one of those digitally enhanced National Enquirer pieces. This is the real deal. Eric Homan LIVES. I was able to snap this picture while he was standing by a huge totem pole of The Fairly OddParents, carved by someone obviously very talented, with a ton of time on his hands, because it looked amazing!

I don’t know what I’m more excited about: the totem pole, or the fact that I actually have a picture of Eric Homan on the blog.

In Ottawa!

September 22nd, 2006


So myself, Fred Seibert, and Eric Homan are in Ottawa for the Ottawa Film Festival right now! I also saw Lee Rubenstein here as well. It’s cold up here in Canada, but the festival makes me all warm and fuzzy.

The past couple of days have been packed with panels (Fred’s panel on new media oportunities for animation was so interesting and provocative, it is still being talked about), screenings, and, of course, our Channel Frederator Party, “Crush. Kill. Destroy” which was last night. I must say, the turn out for that was AWESOME. Carrie in New York made some fabulous coasters for the event. I have never seen people pocket coasters like they did. They loved them. I am meeting so many talented people here. It is so refreshing and inspiring to speak to people who are so passionate about their work in animation.

When I get back, I will post the [Read more…]

Random! Cartoons Clip On YouTube!

August 21st, 2006


A clip of the Random! Cartoons reel has been located on YouTube!

Jerry Beck has also featured in on his site, Cartoon Brew. Check it out!

Nick Screening 2 Was A Blast!

August 17th, 2006


Eric posted a crowd pic which wasn’t too far off from the scores of people who attended the screening yesterday (pictured above). Except his picture didn’t have me smirking in the foreground (”And… that’s a bad thing?”, Eric would say.)

It was a fantastic screening, and the responses we got from all of the shorts were fabulous. Thanks to Hiroshi Chida, Kyle Carrozza, Aliki Theofilopoulos, and Bill Ho and Raul Aguirre Jr. for making shorts that we are all so proud of. And thank you, mini corn dogs, for your golden fried coating of sweet yet salty goodness that found a home in my arteries.

Welcome, Jeaux Janovsky

July 13th, 2006


Yesterday was Jeaux Janovsky’s first day with his new Frederator Blog, Lunch Break, and I wanted to take a moment to welcome him to the Frederator Blog Family. Jeaux is uber-talented, and though he hasn’t sold us a short yet–emphasis on YET–we are thrilled that he will be adding his unique artistic take to our blogosphere. In addition to being a great artist, Jeaux has cool sparkle sticker paper, and he was instrumental in helping Anne Walker and I get hooked up with some of that paper for Sparkles and Gloom.

A bit about Jeax–according to Jeaux: “Jeaux Janovsky attended the California Institute of the Arts, and escaped unscathed with minimal cuts and bruises along with a BFA in the world-renowned Character Animation Program. He has worked for the likes of Mattel, Disney, and a few scattered Indy Comic book companies. This coming August, he is going to be having his first [Read more…]

Joel Trussell Comes To Visit!

June 29th, 2006


Straight from Knoxville, TN, Joel stopped in to Frederator Studios yesterday to pay a visit, have some lunch, and soak up the Burbank smog. Who is Joel Trussell? Well, about 7 months ago, we were starting up the Channel Frederator podcast, and came across a very nifty Flash music video called War Photographer. We popped it on Episode 2, and it got an enormous response Joel is the visual mastermind behind the project.

Joel, it was so great to meet you in person, and I hope you can take the leap and move out here. I have no doubt there would be room for you in Burbank (or an adjacent and equally hot suburb.) And by the looks of the picture, you’ve already got yourself an office! Ooops… ummm…Fred? Maybe you and Joel can duke it out next time you’re in town.