That New Show Smell

Pitching 101

July 15th, 2005

There’s something about the fresh smell of original animated shorts that makes me want to put them all on a little cardboard pine tree and hang them on my car mirror.

My name is Melissa Wolfe, and I’m writing to you from Frederator’s Development Department in bee-you-tee-full Burbank, CA.

What I hope to do in this blog is give everyone a little insight into the Oh Yeah! development process here. It’s a bit different than you might imagine. We are very creator-focused. This means that our ultimate goal is to find talented people (like your cousin Freddy) and help him to make the seven minute short he wants to make.

Which brings me to step one in the process. The pitch. An initial pitch is rarely a “yes or no” answer for us. After each pitch we sit down with the creator and go over points we feel need clarification. We encourage him or her to rework their board and bring it in as many times as they can handle (ask some of our creators who pitched us their shows five or six times before getting a thumbs up!)

I realize I can’t be candid about everything that goes on behind the scenes. What I will do is take you through as many interesting show developments (pun intended) as I can. As each short goes from boards to mega hit TV series, get ready to see what happens. Happy Pitching!

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Cousin Freddy appears to be one lean, mean, Tom Selick lookin’ like, cartoon producing machine. I assume you’re the blonde w/ the mohawk? :)


oh that’s just scary Kyle


Go for it Melissa. Welcome to the blogosphere.


Hey Melissa,

Me and my friend Veronica Harper just had our first pitch meeting with Fred in the New York office. Hopefully it’s just the first step in a successful series of meetings that will finish with us actually making our short. I’m wondering what the difference is between the west coast and east coast pitching processes (if anything)?

I would imagine the bagels and pizza are better out here, but you guys have better surf.


Beware the Mustache!!!
4 out of 5 seriously disturbed criminals sport one! yikes!


Should i copyright my storyboard before i send itinto frederator? Im afraid my work can be stolen

ANYONE please reply.


I’ve been emailing Doug Tennapel and he’s been giving me advice saying theyre not going to take my work, and they wouldnt risk a 60 million dollar lawsuit. All i have to do is put my signature on it and it shows that its mine. Doug gave me some great advice and im glad my problem got resolved.


Super site!

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