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Finster/Finster Record Session

August 25th, 2005


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Just The 23 Of Us

August 20th, 2005


Fred Seibert was in town last week, and we had our first “official” production meeting! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group so bright eyed and alert at 9AM. Diane Kredensor and Dana Galin, the creators of “Call Me Bessie” are in New York, but managed to make it into our photo (they’re inside of that grey triangle in the center of the table being conferenced in.) Unfortunately, being the picture taker, I was unable to make it into the shot, but that’s one of my bottled waters in the foreground.

On other Oh Yeah! news fronts, we just got a great pitch yesterday from Doug Tennapel, creator of Nickelodeon’s new series “Catscratch.” Not only is Doug an amazing pitcher, he is quite inspiring as well. Well done, Doug!

The Jeff/Jeff Pose

August 15th, 2005


When The Finster/Finster Show creator Jeff DeGrandis has a pencil in his hand, there’s no telling what could happen. But you can bet your sweet bippy it might involve flying chickens. The camera caught him here scribbling away on his board the other day. Not only does Jeff live and breathe cartoons, by the looks of him, he lives and breathes Finster…

Say Cheeeeese

August 11th, 2005


So now that Aliki is settled in, I thought it would be a great idea to sit her down for a photo with Yaki and Yumi. Yumi was very cooporative, but Yaki refused to take the picture unless he could hang upside down. Aliki, familiar with dealing with high maintenance stars, obliged.

It’s been quite busy around the Oh Yeah! offices lately. Fred Seibert is in town from New York, and we’ve been taking lots and lots of great pitches this week. We also had our first all staff meeting on Monday to introduce everyone to each other and welcome the new creators, production staffers, and directors to our production. In a matter of weeks, our staff has grown from a handfull to…well over three handfulls. Quite exciting! Hopefully we’ll plan a kick off party. I was thinking we could either go to the Styx concert at the Ventura County Fair or [Read more…]

Snapshot of Diane and Dana

August 5th, 2005


So here are the lovely “Call Me Bessie!” creators Diane and Dana striking a pose for the camera. Aren’t they adorable?!

We really do have the most photogenic creators in town…

The Two Witch Sisters

August 3rd, 2005


Niki Yang came in again today to re-pitch her idea for an Oh Yeah! short called “The Two Witch Sisters”. Niki is a very talented storyboard artist, who is currently working on Family Guy. Her art ROCKS, especially when she draws enormous scary pets who just need to be kissed.

I think I may have mentioned this already, but the pitch process is rarely a yes or no decision for us–especially the first time a filmmaker comes in. Niki is a perfect example of someone who really took in our notes from the last pitch, and added some great new bits. Nice work!

Thanks Niki, for your kind permission to post this still frame.

Welcome Diane and Dana!

August 1st, 2005


Call me crazy, but most importantly, “Call Me Bessie” has arrived to Oh Yeah! Bringing all of their sass and none of the humidity with them from New York City, Diane Kredensor and Dana Galin are in the Frederator building and working on their “Bessie” board.

Today Diane and Dana ran through their initial board with us. Seeing as though they’re based in New York, I’d never seen them pitch it live, so it was quite an exciting experience. They brought a cow bell and everything! We mulled over some great ideas for gags, and attempted to answer a burning question: “Why does Bessie like to chew?”

Snapshots of these lovely ladies will soon follow!