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I Wear My Sunglasses on Planes

September 30th, 2005


The guy on my plane ride home from New York yesterday didn’t take off his sunglasses the entire 6 hour flight. I guess that’s how I knew I was headed back to LA.

Ottawa was a blast! I know that Eric has mentioned some of his favorite shorts in a few entries, and I have a few more that I really enjoyed.

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Ottawa Here We Are

September 22nd, 2005


Greetings from Ottawa! Home of the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and apparently the most attractive people in the world (no joke.) Eric Homan and I are here through Sunday watching films, meeting and greeting, and doing our best not to win any stupid American awards. It should be a blast!

The trip got off to an exciting start at LAX when I unwittingly sent my concealed laptop computer sailing through the X-Ray machine. “BAG CHECK!!!” screamed the X-Ray Machine Lady. Apparently silly American me didn’t take the computer out of the bag first like the sign said. The Bag Checker Man was peeved. My laptop received a thorough bomb inspection, while Eric (always the model citizen) waited for me at the gate.

Attempting to milk my recent “American-ness”, Eric offered me $5 in Toronto if I would pretend to surf the baggage claim belt. I declined, stating I’d only do it for [Read more…]

Our Britches Keep Getting Bigger

September 17th, 2005


By the looks of this month’s all-staff meeting, Team Frederator is growing faster than a Chia Pet. And that’s the way we like it around here. There are 28 of us in this picture, but given that a few creators reside in Japan, and some folks couldn’t make the meeting, I’d say our numbers are climbing near 40 right now.

Wow. This was a busy week at the Burbank office (which is probably why I’m posting this on Saturday morning!) We took lots of pitches, greenlit shows, recorded “Call Me Bessie!”, came together for an all-staff meeting, celebrated a birthday (Fred turned 35!), got up and running on Deviant Art, and had an excellent Oh Yeah! Extravaganza panel discussion/pitch night Q&A with our friends from Women in Animation. Thanks to show creators Diane Kredensor, Dana Galin, Andrew Dickman, Kyle Carrozza, Aliki Theofilopoulos, and Adam Henry, as well as Fred Seibert, Larry Huber, and [Read more…]

Welcome Jerry Beck!

September 14th, 2005


Cartoon Brewmaster Jerry Beck is joining us at the Burbank studio to produce his Oh Yeah! Cartoon, “Hornswiggle”. The “photo” you see here, was “taken” a little while back by Teddy Newton, who is now working his magic as a key creative at Pixar.

“Hornswiggle” has been patiently waiting to come on the scene for quite some time. Jerry mentioned that he had began discussing his ideas for a short cartoon with Fred Seibert a long time before this season of Oh Yeah! started.

We’re thrilled to have you on board, Jerry.

Aglaia is on Fiyah

September 9th, 2005


What’s cuter than kids and puppies? How ’bout kids eating puppies? I’d like to take a moment to introduce everyone to my friend, Aglaia Mortcheva, an incredibly talented character designer/artist (her art has been featured in shows at Klasky Csupo and Nickeldeon Studios as well as many other venues.) I keep telling her she needs to pitch to Oh Yeah! Right now she is working away on a children’s book as well as finishing her UCLA thesis film. To check out more of her darkly humorous work, visit her website.

Yaki and Yumi Boards with Sound!

September 6th, 2005


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