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The Production Gnome

October 28th, 2005

In the warm glow of the gnome light, I spoke to the Production crew yesterday evening. They had a lot to say. But first, the gnome spoke. And he went a little somethin’ like this:


“MooBeard the Cow Pirate” “Ivan the Unbearable”, and “Krunch and the Kid” have all shipped. Yippee! To commemorate this feat, three pencils have been wedged in the ceiling. Just 36 more pencils to go�


Eric Cookmeyer: “Things have been pretty busy around here. We got �Ivan” color out yesterday, and �Krunch� color is shipping next week� Eric explained that many times, character, background, and prop color is shipped separately via an FTP site after all of the other elements of the show are shipped. It gives a little bit of padding to the schedule. �MooBeard�, on the other hand, was shipped all at once.

MacGreggor Middleton: �We had a meeting for �Adventure Time�today that went very well. We discussed scene numbering and how to put cuts into his board.� Pen Ward also pitched us an idea for his second short today, called �Petah�.

Jack Kinman: �Mac�s got a lot of mouth charts�. Oh yes he does. Mouth charts are drawings that illustrate what the characters look like when speaking. For a great look at some, check out Jeff DeGrandis� Finster/Finster post.


Scott Mouro, Larry Huber�s assistant, has been working with Larry on getting some work visas for a Korean studio that is working on another short we�re producing. According to Scott, there have been some minor snafus, but nothing he can�t handle. I mean, look at his ferociousness on the phone. If I were Korea, I�d be very afraid of Scott. Very afraid indeed.

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Yeah! for MooBeard’s pencil in the ceiling!! (which one is his??)

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