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Mac and Eric C.: Production Pimps

November 30th, 2005

“Hey there everyone. My name is Mac. I’m a Production Coordinator. Right now, I enjoy Peppermint Patties and breaking down characters, props, and backgrounds for Adam Henry’s new short, “Tiffany”. When I “break down” I don’t really break anything. I just make sure that all of the props and charaacters in the show are accounted for. I also like sunshine and fast cars.

“Hi, I’m Eric C. Fortified, bonified, and pimptified Production Assistant. I just let Melissa know that Niki Yang’s short, “Two Witch Sisters” will be going to the network for notes tomorrow. Anne Walker’s short, “Mind the Kitty” is already getting notes. Pen Ward’s short, “Adventure Time” is shipping out to be animated in Korea in 3 weeks. It’s exciting. So exciting my sideburns are tingling.”

New Film Quest

November 29th, 2005


Today I continued the great search for films I would like to feature on our Channel Frederator podcast. I came across a filmmaker featured on Cold Hard Flash named David Firth. I had heard of him before, but never watched his short film series called “Salad Fingers” until today. MAN was I impressed. Firth’s style left me feeling like my brain had just scratched its nails down a chalkboard. But in a good way. Seriously, kiddies. Don’t watch this in a dark house alone.

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7 minutes too short

November 23rd, 2005


So–how long is a 7 minute short? Well, truthfully, it’s 6 minutes and 40 seconds (we need time for title cards and credits!) Fred Seibert is flexible on many many things when it comes to the production of an Oh Yeah! short, but the length of the cartoon is something he will not bend on! If we get a pitch board that takes up all four walls of our room, and takes 30 minutes to pitch, chances are it’s longer than 7 minutes. The trick to knowing if your board is to length? Time the dialogue. If you were to stopwatch only the lines of your characters, it should time out to no more than 5 minutes. This leaves room for action, expressions, etc.

The past couple of days we have seen a few production board re-pitches from “Handycat”, “Mind the Kitty”, Teapot, and “Hero Heights”. After the short has been greenlit, and [Read more…]

Happy Birthday, Matt!

November 18th, 2005


It was crazy. Jack and Eric were just mindin’ their bee’s wax last night, when these masked hoodlums came into the Production office wearing?packing envelopes. See how they mock you on your birthday, Matt? Can I call you Matt? How about “Big Matt with fries”? or “Mattdonalds?”

“Matt Daddy?”

Happy Birthday!! Here is your present. Pick any style you’d like!


November 17th, 2005

Production is busy organizing a music composer data base for the creators to utilize. This will make it easier for our creators to sample different composing styles as they make their decisions on scoring their picture. They can also choose needle drop music which is essentially music (licensed by Nickelodeon) that can be used on lots of different shows.

Meanwhile, in development, we continue to have more great pitches coming in.

On Tuesday, Dani Michaeli, writer on “SpongeBob SquarePants” came to pitch “Tomas” with Casey Alexander (SpongeBob storyboard artist) and Robert Ryan Corey (writer/character designer on SpongeBob).


Next, Aaron Hammersley (“Danny Phantom”), and his partner Michael McNeff (graduate student at UCLA’s director’s program) pitched “Islanded” about a polar bear and a penguin stranded on a desert island.

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Pitch Persistence

November 15th, 2005


Kyle Carrozza’s pitch time notes make me happy! On other happy notes, things seem to be going very smoothly with our new creators that have started up the last week.

Anne Walker is working on sides for her upcoming casting session. Sides are excerpts from the script that the actors will use to audition with.

Doug TenNapel swung by as I was chatting with Anne, and informed me that he has finished 3D model designs for his characters, cast his show, and is recording his show tomorrow. I was also instructed (upon penalty of death) not to post any of his character models. He will be posting them shortly.

Niki Yang is fleshing out all of the details in her production board, and also said, “I like your shirt! It’s very pretty.” Thank you Niki!

Raul and Bill have been working on taking their pitch board and completely re-doing it to fit the production format. They had done their [Read more…]

Welcome, Mike Gray and Erik Knutson!

November 14th, 2005

It’s official:

Mike Gray

and Erik Knutson are up and running.
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Guess Who’s Pitching a Winner?

November 10th, 2005


Welcome Adam Henry! Again! Adam has greenlit his second Oh Yeah! short called Tiffany about a brash doll named Tiffany and her human sidekick, Peggy. We are thrilled to have him back, for nothing other than his wife’s fabulous cheesecake and the “Quote of the Day” sheet he keeps the door of his office.

In case you’re a stranger to the world that is Adam Henry, he has just wrapped up his first short, “Krunch and the Kid”, for this season of Oh Yeah. Terrific work. It’s great to have you around again!

Pen’s Record Session

November 8th, 2005


Sorry I didn’t post this on Friday! But here is an Adventure Time cast pic. (From left to right) Paige Moss (Princess Bubblegum), Pen Ward (Creator), Zach Shada (Pen), John DiMaggio (Jake), and John Kassir (Ice King).

Besides the incredible voice talent these actors brought to the table, John DiMaggio brought everyone to hysterics with his dead on impression of John Madden. I believe all of the characters of The Wizzard of Oz were also captured somewhere in this recording. Quite funny.

What a WEEK!

November 4th, 2005


Over two insanely large burritos, a pear, and half a bagel with cream cheese at lunch today, Mac and Eric (pictured above:)briefed me on some production details this afternoon.
Both �Krunch and the Kid� and �Call Me Bessie� are shipped. We are working on color approvals for both of these shows at the moment. Today, �Finster/Finster� and �Yaki and Yumi� get shipped as well. This leaves the total number of Production Ceiling Pencils at six!

On a sad (very sad) note, it�s Aliki�s last day today! Hopefully not for too long! Here’s a parting pic of Aliki and Paul Stec.

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