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Santa’s Big Bad Helper

December 23rd, 2005


In a covert scare tactic operation to improve the behavior of soon-to-be Naughty Listers, Santa Claus has created an “enforcer clone” to whip little snot nosed brats into shape. Adorned in an authentic buffalo skin jacket, Larry Huber, Executive Producer of Oh Yeah! Cartoons, rides on his trusty steed to the rooftops of naughty little boys and girls, and teaches them a thing or two about respecting your elders (he does this by reciting ancient buffalo chants while shaking a shrunken head made entirely of used bubble gum and Silly Puddy.) If this isn’t frightening enough, he slowly breaks their Play Station 2s in front of them. Piece by agonizing piece.

Says Huber, “Show me The Naughty!!”

Back At It

December 21st, 2005


This afternoon, we welcomed back Aaron Hammersley and Michael McNeff pitching us a new idea called “Prince Ronan”, about a kid prince with an inflated ego that lands in your average every day classroom. Aaron Hammersley works on “Danny Phantom”, and his partner Michael McNeff is a graduate student at UCLA’s director’s program.
A while back they pitched us another short called “Islanded”, so these guys are really workin’ it!

Great job, and thanks for letting us post, guys.

Handycat Record Session

December 16th, 2005

The Handycat record was on Wednesday, and although I wasn’t personally able to attend, the venerable Scott Mouro and Jack Kinman took some great pics of the event!


Here’s a group shot (left to right) of: Rob Paulsen (voice of Handycat and Holy MOLY look at his resume), Larry Huber (Exec. Prodcuer), G. Brian Reynolds (Co-creator), Russ Harris (co-creator), and June Foray (voice of Little Old Lady–reading her IMDB resume could take a few days…)

For those of you unfamiliar with the voice talents of June Foray, she’s been recording voices for cartoons about 30-40 years before most of us were in pampers. Check out this clip of her recording some dialogue! She’s one of the most esteemed voice over artists in the business.

“The Tiki Show” Pitched to Oh Yeah!

December 14th, 2005

This afternoon, Creator Jennifer Muro (Editor on Diego), pitched us her short called “The Tiki Show” about a mischievous Tiki God, and his watchful friend, Chameleon. Jay Shultz (BG/Layout on Diego) was the uber-talented artist who boarded Jennifer’s script, and who is also hankering to direct it.

Great job, you two!

Pitch O Rama

December 9th, 2005

We saw a ton of great pitches when Fred Seibert was in town this week, and I wanted to share a few of them with you.


First up, “Too Hairless Friends”, pitched by Oh Yeah! Cartoon’s Executive Producer Larry Huber, and created by a Korean director named Youngtaek Choi. (Artwork by David Feiss.)

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December 8th, 2005

In an early morning briefing from Production gurus Eric Cookmeyer and Mac Middleton, I was told that Pen Ward’s short, “Adventure Time”, has just come back from a track reading. During this step of production, a track reader will phoenetically spell every single word the characters say, and write them down the length of the timing sheet. This allows the animators to know how much time to give to each word as well as what the mouth movement should look like.

“What time is it?” looks something like:

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Anne Walker Pitches “Space Monkey”

December 5th, 2005


Ever the tireless creator that she is, Anne Walker pitched us yet another short this afternoon called “Space Monkey”. What happens when an American monkey launched in space meets an evil Russian space chimp and they’re both into ruling the same planet inhabited by an evil alien who wants to electrocute them? We certainly found out!

Great job, Anne. It’s always fun to see you pitch.

Kirk Van Wormer Pitches

December 2nd, 2005


Today and yesterday were a busy two days with a total of 7 pitches and a “Teapot” cast record session. Kirk Van Wormer, a director on“Jackie Chan Adventures” over at Sony Pictures Television, pitched us his short called “Francine Devine” (starring none other than Francine Divine herself–a drama queen from “Beverly Hills Adjacent Jr. High”). Great work, Kirk! Hey. That rhymes.

Many thanks to Kirk Van Wormer for allowing us to post this image