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The City Slackers

January 30th, 2006


Last week we got a great pitch in from Kyle Neswald and Joe Olivares called “The City Slackers in: Cat-tastrophe”. Stan, an eager young cowboy gets the ultimate present: his very own horse! Too bad the horse wants no part in his adventures.

Kyle is currently a background designer for “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy”, and Joe is a freelance graphic designer. Great job! Thanks for letting us post.

Chicken’s the last item on our list

January 25th, 2006


Hey there everyone. Here’s a clip of Finster/Finster along with matching storyboards. Aren’t we stylin’? Thanks to Jeff and Michael DeGrandis for getting the clip together so I could post, and thank you Mac for scanning the PRECIOUS boards!

Tress MacNeille, Billy West, and Charlie Adler lend their hi-lar-i-ous voice talents to the characters of the Mrs. Finster and Finster/Finster.

Welcome Part 2

January 19th, 2006


Jaime Diaz just finished these wonderful “photos” of both himself and Bill Burnett. The writing you see behind Jamie’s picture is part of an exposure sheet used to time sequences of animation. Check out Aliki’s Yaki and Yumi Entry for more explanation on the topic.

Best of luck with your short, Gentleman!

Welcome Bill Burnett and Jaime Diaz!

January 18th, 2006


This week, Bill Burnett and Jaime Diaz start production on their Oh Yeah! short called, “Dr. Freud’s Funny Farm”. Bill Burnett, the writer and co-creator for “Dr. Freud”, was also the co-creator of the hit Nickelodeon series, “Chalk Zone” (which had it’s beginnings as an Oh Yeah! Cartoon.) Bill is also writing music for the short. Jaime Diaz has had a long career in animation, directing Chalk Zone, The Fairly OddParents, and Duckman, and also working on countless other animated series.

Congratulations guys! We’re looking forward to seeing all of this come together.

Deleted Scene From Hero Heights

January 17th, 2006


It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally able to post a video clip on here on a deleted scene from Raul Aguirre and Bill Ho’s short, “Hero Heights”!

This is only a test. If it doesn’t work, I apologize. Raul and Bill’s short is so great it’s a shame anything has to get cut from it, but here is one scene only you blog readers will be privy to.


Kyle Carrozza–Back for more

January 12th, 2006


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Bill Burnett pitches “Beet Boy”

January 11th, 2006


Bill Burnett, creator of Chalk Zone just pitched us our first enirely written board ever. “Beet Life” follows a kid named Beethoven (Beet for short) in a “rap opera” about his real, and often times imaginary adventures. To give us a picture of what Beet is like, Bill asked us to imagine a 12 year old Eminem (minus the glue sniffing, of course.) Bill composed three songs for the pitch which he played throughout his presentation.

I am going to post an audio clip of Bill’s in the next few days or so. Check back!

Thanks to Bill Burnett for allowing us to post!

A Lil’ Bit O’ Tiffany Goes A Long Way

January 4th, 2006


Hey everyone! Welcome back to a new and exciting year of Oh Yeah! Cartoon production. To kick things off, I’m going to toss up a sample from “Tiffany”–Adam Henry’s newest short about a cute little blonde doll who’d much prefer to be an action figure. Colleen O’Shaughnessy does a terrific job as the voice behind the madness. Heck yeah.

Tiffany Clip