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Welcome, Polygon Pictures!

March 31st, 2006


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Kid’s Choice Awards Shindig @ Nick Studios

March 31st, 2006


Last night as I was leaving work, I ran into none other than Mr. Jeff DeGrandis on his way to help out with the Kid’s Choice Awards festivities at Nickelodeon Studios. Jeff (center) was helping out at the drawing station where kids can line up and request their favorite characters sketched out. To Jeff’s left is “Motorcycle” Iko (Storyboard artist, Fatherhood), and Jay Shultz (background artist on Dora and Diego).

The actual Kid’s Choice Awards (hosted this year by Jack Black) are this Saturday, but Nick likes to get the party started early (as clearly indicated by the fancy balloon hats worn by Jay and Jeff). And speaking of Kid’s Choice Awards, it was none other than our own Fred Seibert, former Nickelodeon president Albie Hecht, and Bronk and Bongo’s Alan Goodman who came up with the idea to get them started!! Why am I not surprised?

Waste of Aces gave Eric Homan’s CD player located in my office a “Perfect Day”

March 29th, 2006


Some of you blogerinos may have read my previous post about Kyle + Rosemary creator Jun Falkenstein and her band, Waste of Aces.

After listening to her first CD called “Social Frankenstein”, I was HOOKED. Fortunately for me, Jun stopped by my office a few days ago and gave me their newest CD called “Perfect Day”. I immediately put it into Eric Homan’s CD player (which he generously lets me use in my office), and WOW. Song #2 called “Annabelle” is my favorite thus far. The entire album has the vibe of “Nickel Creek” with a hint of “Squirrel Nut Zippers”, meets something totally original. HIGHLY recommend checking them out!

Welcome, Angelo di Nalo and Jason Plapp!

March 28th, 2006


Torential downpours cannot stop this duo! Jason Plapp and Angelo di Nalo have begun production on their short, “Bradwurst”, about a bitter sausage who sabotages his own birthday party. There’s lots of sausage butt in this film, so get ready!

Above is a “pic” of the two creators drawn by Jason.

Prior to “Random Cartoons”, Jason Plapp was a technical director on “The Rugrats Movie”, and currently teaches at Brooks College and Platt College. Angelo is a Sunday school teacher, and also does caricatures at Universal, the Los Angeles Zoo, and the Friars Club.

Below is Angelo’s take on their likenesses.

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Hero Heights Shipped! Two Witch Sisters Shipping! Dana Galin Married!

March 27th, 2006


Last week, Hero Heights was shipped away to Taiwan where it will be animated and turned into a full fledged Random Cartoon! Congrats are due to Bill Ho and Raul Aguirre Jr. for all of their hard work.

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Welcome, Aliki Theofilopoulos (again!)

March 22nd, 2006


Fresh off of her last short, “Yaki and Yumi”, Aliki joins us again this week to start production on her new short “Girls On The GO!”. This is an idea that she has had in the works for quite some time, and was actually pitched as an adult cartoon some years ago. The above picture features Aliki’s character design for the college aged version of Katerina “Kat” Metropolis, her lead character (modeled after Aliki herself!), and next to her is the newer, younger version of Kat who is now in 9th grade.

Randy Meyers will be directing the project. Randy’s directing credits are so awesome they pretty much make you want to buy him some bling. It’s going to be very exciting to see it all come together!

Welcome, Pat Ventura!

March 21st, 2006


Yesterday, the newly named Random Cartoons welcomed Pat Ventura into the mix. He ran us through his board, “The Dangerous Duck Brothers”, which is about a couple of ducks out to do their family proud and break the record for speed in their rocket ship. Yeah. There’s a lot of hurt involved.

Pat is no stranger to being a short film creator. He has created two shorts for the past season of “Oh Yeah! Cartoons”. One called Jamal the Funny Frog and the other called The Semprini Triplets. He has also directed and storyboarded for Chalk Zone co-created by Random Cartoons Executive Producer Larry Huber, and Dr.Froyd’s Bill Burnett.

Welcome aboard Pat!

The World According to Goth

March 15th, 2006


I went around this afternoon to check on Jun Falkenstein as she embarks on her short, “Kyle + Rosemary”. Her door was closed, but fortunately, Jun makes handy signs with her characters so I know where she is at all times. I knocked, and was permitted entrance into her office, where I found….

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Pen Work is Hard At Ward

March 14th, 2006


Fortunately, Mr. Ward was able to spare a moment so I could take his picture this afternoon. His short, “Bravest Warriors”, is in the early stages of production right now. Pen is fleshing out his storyboard, and looking at reference pics from “Blade Runner” for his background designs.

I didn’t know paper could grow facial hair. But Pen’s magic like that.

Two great pitches today!

March 8th, 2006

We just took two excellent pitches from Adam Muto and Andrew Dickman this afternoon.

Adam’s was called Sam Squatch. I love his character designs for the lead characters.


Andrew Dickman, of “Ivan the Unbearable” fame, pitched us “Action Dad” which involves two kids, and a dad who’s sort of like Rambo and Hulk Hogan. Let’s just say their ride to school is “interesting”.

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