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Nick Screening 2 Was A Blast!

August 17th, 2006


Eric posted a crowd pic which wasn’t too far off from the scores of people who attended the screening yesterday (pictured above). Except his picture didn’t have me smirking in the foreground (”And… that’s a bad thing?”, Eric would say.)

It was a fantastic screening, and the responses we got from all of the shorts were fabulous. Thanks to Hiroshi Chida, Kyle Carrozza, Aliki Theofilopoulos, and Bill Ho and Raul Aguirre Jr. for making shorts that we are all so proud of. And thank you, mini corn dogs, for your golden fried coating of sweet yet salty goodness that found a home in my arteries.

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Awwwww…you look so pwetty! So when are the hot mamacitas Sparkles and Gloom will be screened? I want to check them out!

p.s. Don’t tell Olympia!


I completely missed it… Was Ivan part of this screening? Noone relaly told me what was being played… (as usual) That’s a blatent GLARE at you Jack! *glare*


Dude. Let the un-psychic guys in production know your new email address. And Jack is now on another production and couldn’t care less about us. Finally, we did screen “Ivan” to so much success that Nick wanted to greenlight an “Ivan” series then and there. However, since the creator was nowhere to found, they went with more “Angry Beavers” instead.


Just about the cutest development lady out there!


Awww, thanks Elvis. I knew you weren’t dead.


Buddy Holly thinks so too miss.

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