That New Show Smell

In Ottawa!

September 22nd, 2006


So myself, Fred Seibert, and Eric Homan are in Ottawa for the Ottawa Film Festival right now! I also saw Lee Rubenstein here as well. It’s cold up here in Canada, but the festival makes me all warm and fuzzy.

The past couple of days have been packed with panels (Fred’s panel on new media oportunities for animation was so interesting and provocative, it is still being talked about), screenings, and, of course, our Channel Frederator Party, “Crush. Kill. Destroy” which was last night. I must say, the turn out for that was AWESOME. Carrie in New York made some fabulous coasters for the event. I have never seen people pocket coasters like they did. They loved them. I am meeting so many talented people here. It is so refreshing and inspiring to speak to people who are so passionate about their work in animation.

When I get back, I will post the non-incriminating photos I have been snapping here and there. I will be taking more at the animator’s picnic this afternoon.

I have gone to a couple of screenings here, and by far, my favorite film has been “Here and There”by Diane Obomsawin. I have posted the image above. It is such a rewarding film. It’s one of the first ten minute shorts I actually would have liked to see go on longer.

I will be blogging again soon!

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I wish I was in Ottawa this week! We had a couple of projects that delivered this week so I couldn’t make it. Maybe next year.


People like free stuff! I’d actually would like one of those coasters!
if you have one left that is.
Sounds like a great time!


I wish I could have gone as well but truthfully I have nothing to promote at the moment! Maybe next year for me too!

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