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My 46th run-in with Eric Bauza

February 21st, 2007


Walking into the Nickelodeon main building, I ran into Eric Bauza heading out from an El Tigre record. Eric is a swell guy who I keep running into over the years, and I thought I would give a little shout out to him on our blog.

Not only is he an incredibly talented voice artist (Voice of “Stimpy” on The Adult Party Ren&Stimpy cartoons, and currently the voice of Rodolfo Rivera on Nick’s new series, El Tigre), he is also a fantabulous character designer and artist.

Eric wasn’t kidding when he said his blog needed to be updated, but his designs are very nifty. Mas por favor, Eric.

Keep an eye out on this guy. He’s going places.


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You could call Bauza a triple-threat if it wasn’t for that un-updated blog thing. ;)


Yes I agree Eric needs to update his Blog. His talents also amaze me!!!


I had heard so many good things about Eric and for so long I was shocked when we finally met to find out he wasn’t 72 years old.


Such sweet words from such sweeter people! OK OK OK, fine . . . I just might HAVE TO update the blog now!!!! . . . . . . . . right after I bake these delicious cookies . . . and do my laundry, and wash my car, and stuff this turkey . . . and . . . .


Funny guy too!! This guy is going places!… wait. This guy is at places!!


Keep up the craziness, we might end up using you over here at Red Eye.

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