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John Reynolds Is In the Building!

May 31st, 2006


This morning I was fortunate enough to meet John Reynolds, cartoon wunderkind, who happens to be the youngest creator Frederator has ever had (he was 12 when he created “Terry and Chris!” for Oh Yeah! Cartoons Season 3). This short was directed by Butch Hartman, who has been a very encouraging presence in John’s career as an artist.

Now a whopping 19 years old, John is going to the Art Institute of Los Angeles, Santa Monica Campus, and continues to come up with original ideas to pitch to the likes of Frederator. I thought his art on this panel of his board was particularly outstanding.

Thanks so much for stopping by, John! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

“The Tiki Show” Pitched to Oh Yeah!

December 14th, 2005

This afternoon, Creator Jennifer Muro (Editor on Diego), pitched us her short called “The Tiki Show” about a mischievous Tiki God, and his watchful friend, Chameleon. Jay Shultz (BG/Layout on Diego) was the uber-talented artist who boarded Jennifer’s script, and who is also hankering to direct it.

Great job, you two!

Pitch O Rama

December 9th, 2005

We saw a ton of great pitches when Fred Seibert was in town this week, and I wanted to share a few of them with you.


First up, “Too Hairless Friends”, pitched by Oh Yeah! Cartoon’s Executive Producer Larry Huber, and created by a Korean director named Youngtaek Choi. (Artwork by David Feiss.)

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They’re Doing WHAT at Frederator??

October 17th, 2005


It is time. The new master plan for my blog is being unveiled. I am attempting to chronicle the day to day happenings at the studio–be it an exciting discovery in animation to total and complete mental breakdowns. To do this, I have enlisted the help of everyone working on Oh Yeah!–both on the creative and production ends. Each day, they will give me a couple of sentences that summarize their daily grind. And I will publish them. It’ll be more fun than salt on a snail! Let’s see what happens.

QUOTE: “It’s a very straightforward cartoon now. No more of this booga booga stuff” Larry Huber

Kyle CarrozzaMooBeard the Cow Pirate: Kyle isn’t here right now Mrs. Torrance (for those of you who haven’t seen “The Shining”, rent it.) MooBeard is shipped and Kyle is hopefully busy working on his next cartoon to pitch to us.

Andrew Dickman, Ivan the Unbearable Andrew swung by [Read more…]

The Two Witch Sisters

August 3rd, 2005


Niki Yang came in again today to re-pitch her idea for an Oh Yeah! short called “The Two Witch Sisters”. Niki is a very talented storyboard artist, who is currently working on Family Guy. Her art ROCKS, especially when she draws enormous scary pets who just need to be kissed.

I think I may have mentioned this already, but the pitch process is rarely a yes or no decision for us–especially the first time a filmmaker comes in. Niki is a perfect example of someone who really took in our notes from the last pitch, and added some great new bits. Nice work!

Thanks Niki, for your kind permission to post this still frame.