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Solomon Fix


January 8th, 2007

We got our color animation back and I’m so happy and proud I can’t believe my name’s on this thing.

This is Lance the squirrel getting eaten by a giant Were-bear that lives in a haunted bog:


This is actually For SquirlyTown…

December 8th, 2006

…though it’s filed under Solomon Fix. (Don’t ask…it has to do with the tractor running over my head when I was 3 injuring the part of my brain that processes filing and categories.)

While we’re still trying to get a render out of Solomon Fix that looks as good as it did 2 months ago (Don’t ask…the computer has a tractor run over its hard disk that processes-) so in the mean while a bunch of Koreans are banging away at my 2D animated short SQUIRLY TOWN.

I want to warn our young audience not to imitate this behavior at home because someone could get killed and I don’t want to be responsible for you being so stupid that you can’t tell the difference between 2 dimensional representative lines and reality (I don’t mean that you shouldn’t hit people on the head with an umbrella…duh, what would life be without that? I [Read more…]

Solomon Fix Rough Animatic–In Color!

April 25th, 2006


And After:

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Approved Model of Ned

April 10th, 2006


This model is just what I was hoping for with “Ned” the little boy from the world of SOlomon Fix. Humans are very difficult to make in 3D, usually because the temptation is to try to make them look real. Usually the results are something hellish, not quite human, not quite synthetic…the closer to “real” you get the more something doesn’t seem quite right, like in the Final Fantasy movie.

Contrast that with The Incredibles or even Woody from Toy Story, the characters are rendered CARTOONS and they look comfortable in their own skin. In this sense, 3D is much more like puppet animation. Look at the humans in Davey and Goliath, The Nightmare before Christmas, even The PJs and you have broad forms of cartoon expression, not a feeble attempt at realism. The realism in puppet animation and 3D should come from the textures and light-sourcing, not the sculpt [Read more…]

Solomon Fix: Sol’s Hizouse

March 27th, 2006


This is a color pre-viz done by the art team based on my original pencil drawing:

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Fixing Ned

March 21st, 2006


Behold the majesty of an imperfect Ned. Like I said before, I have a beautifully rendered Ned sitting on my computer, but I’m not going to show it to you yet…it will only inflate the ego of my animation team and they need to be kept down. You see, I have to maintain my reputation as “The Man” and if I selflessly encourage them, empower them, give them a hint that they could make it without me, all hell will break loose.

So the above image is a concoction of the original model they sent to me for notes, and then there are the notes I drew on the picture in Photoshop. These modelers at RedEye are so good that they turned around my notes in less than 24 hours. You’re probably not a big shot like me so you don’t know that that’s really fast for “the biz”.

Speaking of The [Read more…]

Freeeeeze Gopher!

March 15th, 2006


Here’s the most recent wrong Chipmonk. He has some hair and lighting issues, the team is still trying to crack his hair lighting and stuff. I’m only showing you the chipmonk because he’s the least finished of all the characters…the other ones look really cool.

Why am I doing this? Mostly to make the team look bad. Humiliating 3D artists is good for their life development. Speaking of humiliating life development, I walked into the Frederator break-room today and there is Jeff DeGrandis gouging the top of a chocolate chip muffin, leaving the less-tasty bottom for someone else. I picked up the muffin bottom and looked at it up close…and there was one of his sickening knuckle-hairs sitting on the pastry. This is the kind of thing that we have to go through being on the same floor with Jeff DeGrandis.

Chipmonk Update

March 14th, 2006


This is a new pass focusing on just the chipmonk’s shape. One of the tough parts of 3D is that rendering takes a lot of time especially when a character has hair, bouncing light sources etc. By the time a short stretches into the 7 minute area, you’ve got a pretty unwieldy project.

Most entertainment projects aren’t a whole lot of “fun” work. I got into animation because I liked making critters come to life, not realizing that I was going to go through 15 years of hell learning how to do that. While the Redeye-animation boys build these models, they aren’t doing any of the “fun” work of moving the character around animating, making it come to life. Nope, they are rigging models, shaving polygons, building rigs, testing lighting etc.

See the little kid above the chipmonk? His name is “Ned”…he’s the real little boy in the short. We spent [Read more…]

Chipmonk Model

March 13th, 2006

This is a first pass at the Chipmonk model for my Solomon Fix short.

I love the sculpt and expression of the mouth, but I thought the blood-shot eyes made the little guy look not so little. Because there are actual monsters in this short, I can’t have the most horrifying thing be a chipmonk. The hair has some strange light-sourcing on it so we’re looking at that too. But there he is, The Chipmonk. We’ll use this model for both chipmonks since they are twin brothers.

My goal is for the drawing to really play into the model and the sweeping gesture of the line-work is still present in the 3D chipmonk. Success! It’s a lot like inking a pencil drawing, you don’t want to lose the gesture of the cartoon in your clean-up…(for more comic inking tips check out this article I wrote on inking my comic). There was a time [Read more…]

Solomon Fix: Ned’s Bed

February 24th, 2006

The little human in my Solomon Fix short is named “Ned” (I picked that name because it rhymes with “bed” and I was once going to call this show “Under Ned’s Bed” before I decided on “Stuffed” which I changed to “Solomon Fix”).

The 3D animation for this short will be done by Red Eye Animation. Notice the website gives their phone-number, which means you should crank call them often. Or better yet, ask them for a job, no college or talent required, if you have dreams and hopes, that qualifies you for an 80k a year job at Red Eye. If they tell you to stop calling them, it’s because they are testing how much you believe in your dreams…the ones who give up, clearly are not worthy to be 3D animators and therefore should just remain in their high school in Idaho, Brazil, wherever.

Here’s their cool drawing:

I liked it [Read more…]