The Finster/Finster Show


August 17th, 2005


Yes folks; it’s true! The Finsters are recording “Store Wars” today, 23 years after their original recording in Sept. 1983 at Cal Arts!
At 10AM this morning we’ll be recording with Billy West, Charlie Adler and Tress MacNeille here at Nickelodeon. Insanely wacky, but true!
I’ve worked with these guys on millions of cartoon shows since the early 90’s.
So get comfortable in your big overstuffed easy chair, get a big, gigantic, super large bowl of your favorite sugary cereal (with a prize inside) and let’s have fun with the Finsters!
Talk to you later!
Your Cartoon Pal….. Jeff

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I don’t know if I approve of “sugary cereal”–could we try having oat bran and/or substitute the word “sugary” for “healthy” or “non-cavity causing”? I’m looking forward to the record!


I dunno, Melissa, cartoons and sugar have a long history together. Sure, there were some carrots and cans of spinach in there somewhere, but for the most part, trying to separate cartoons and sugar-frosted sugar is… well… Yoko-esque at best. As for me, I think I’m gonna go to Little Tokyo, stock up on Pocky and go watch the Teenage Robot movie again.


Man, that was so hilarious! I loved watching you interact with the voice actors. I don’t believe I’ve ever laughed so much in a long time. =) thanks for letting me (and the others) sit in and watch one of the masters direct.


Thanks a lot for letting us witness history, Jeff! I think the planets were, like, totally aligned for that session with the thing.


This whole concept is extremely funny and I find the drawings hilarious! I honestly cannot wait to see the end results. And thank you for taking on MooBeard as well! (Kyle’s mom here.)


Hi Everyone who was in the Finster Finster record today!
Thanks for all your wonderful comments and support.
Yeah; it was a blast and so much fun! The way making cartoons should be. Billy, Charlie and Tress brought so much to the party, as always. The energy and dynamics were perfect. Everyone left the recording satisfied that they delivered what the Finsters needed, and left feeling they had fun. That’s bottom line for me. Now I need to select the takes, which will be hard because I liked so many of the takes. I wish everyone in “Oh Yeah!” great success in their records. I know you’ll all do great!
Anyway; thanks again and we’ll talk soon. Now go eat your sugary snacks!


Jeff, maybe you could post some of the funnier sections of the sessions, with outakes, break-ups, and overall hilarity.


Great idea Fred!!!
As I select takes from yesterday, I’ll get some great stuff to share with everyone, with the thing.


Realy good site!


Hi Gaby!
Thanks! I’m glad you like the site!
Tell all about it and I’ll keep the stuff comin’!
Talk soon!

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