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Say “Cheeeeze!” Finsters

October 27th, 2005


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Chuck Jones and Me

October 18th, 2005


Production is going well on “The Finster Finster Show!” episode entitled “Store Wars.”
Everyone is working real hard and having a good time working on the show. Things are better than I envisioned!
It’s a continued pleasure doing a show with Fred, Eric, Larry, Therese and all the gang at “Oh Yeah!” cartoons. It’s been a continuing blast! Thank you.
With all running smooth, I thought I’d share a bit of my history I’ve had with my mentor and good friend, Chuck Jones.
I guess you can say, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Chuck Jones.
After finishing business college in NJ I decided to follow my dream as an animator, put my portfolio together and was accepted at Cal Arts in early 1980. During my first semester at Cal Arts I wanted to meet my animation hero, Chuck Jones. Out of nowhere, I called his Tower 12 studio in Hollywood and [Read more…]

The Finster Family welcomes you to the neighborhood!

October 2nd, 2005


The Finster family welcomes everyone to the neighborhood!
Above is an U.S. Army satellite photograph taken of the Finster’s house yesterday morning. The color of the house was initially mistaken to be radioactive material.
BG/LO was done by Dan McHugh and BG paint by Richard Zeihler-Martin. The color of the Finster’s house was picked out by Mrs. Finster Finster. The color reminds her of something she saw in her favorite movie, “Apocalypse Now”.
I think the Finsters are having a Tupperware party soon. I’ll keep you informed. I haven’t received an invitation yet, myself.