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April 24th, 2007


Hey Stephen!
Again I have to tell you how fabulous your animated cartoon “Ace and Aqua” is!
Stephen and I spoke on the phone this evening about his creative process during the making of his film. Really amazing.
Great timing, voice talent, cutting, animation, writing and design. You have a wonderful future ahead!
I’m very proud of you and you should be proud too!
It’s an honor to have you with all us Random Frederator Cadets.
Take care buddy.
This one’s for you!
Your Cartoon Pal……Jeff


April 12th, 2007


Hey Blogsters!!!
Jeff here.
I thought I’d share this awesome photo of my first inspiration to draw in my life. Check out these kids looking at Roth as he draws something. These kids are mezmerized by the Ol’ Mighty Big Daddy himself. Man; they can’t believe it’s the groovy Big Daddy in person! What a mind-blower!!! BLAM!!!
I figure I was around the same age as these kids when this photo was taken. Around 1966.
Roth was the father of monster car shirts, custom culture and father Rat Fink. Roth Studios used to put the coolest ads in Hot Rod and Car Craft Magazines through the 60’s and early 70’s. Great monster car art. Ed Newton did a lot of the inking and creating of the art for Roth. Robert Williams also came on to art direct and do shirts as well.
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April 10th, 2007


Hey all you Random Bloggers and Blogettes!!!
I hope all is groovy with all your giant Hollywood cartoon motion pictures. I guess we’re almost about done!
Man; what a ride!!! They all are looking soooooo great!
I haven’t posted a lot of Dora the Explorer since I’ve been blogging on the Frederator Random site; so here’s one I did today called, “Hot Rod Dora.” (The finsters are on extended Spring break.)
I’m still doing tons of Hot Rod Drag Racing art and will be posting more.
My Dragmaster front engine dragster is coming along and expect to be racing it by mid-Summer. It’ll be on display here at Nickelodeon sometime around August.
Enjoy Hot Rod Dora and we’ll talk soon!!!!
Your Cartoon Pre-Hchool Hot Rod Pal….Jeff