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June 21st, 2007


Hey Groovy Randon Kats and Kittens!
Yup; it’s me and the Finsters still groovin along.
I thought I’d share a little of my groovy 60’s childhood and one of my biggest inspirations as an artist, Peter Max.
Peter Max inspired me like so many others during the 60’s up to now. His designs, colors and imagination is so mind-blowing!
Peter Max’s pallet of color and artistic freedom touches all of us.
I remember buying Peter Max’s Paper Airplane Book in 1967 while in grammer school. I still have that groovy piece of memorbilia. I was totally into flower power as a kid and still dig it! They used to give out these cool flower stickers at the local Citgo gas station after filling up. My Dad would give them to me to stick on my book covers. Man.
Anyway, here’s the Finsters as groovy hippies with a Sept. 5, 1969 Life Magazine cover backdrop.
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