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September 27th, 2007


Hey Random Cartoon Kats and Kittens!!!
Yup! The Finsters and I are still lurking about. We hope all is well with everyone and sorry we been poofed out of town for a while.
The Finsters got a gig doing magic and tigers in Las Vegas. It’s at some casino where these other two guys were.
Anyway I’ve been super budy with Dora the Explorer and have written the second Finster Finster episode. There’s also several shows I have in development.
Besides that, my dragster is almost done and getting ready to hit the drag strip soon! Man. Can you believe it????? Those racing slicks will be burning up the quarter mile!!!!
You can check out my latest drag racing cartoons at Drag Racing On-Line Magazine.

That’s it for now.
I wish everyone continued fun and success with their Hollywood motion picture cartoon shows!
Take care Fred and Gang!
We’ll talk soooooon!
Your Cartoon Pals…..Jeff and the Finsters