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Toonfuse episode 20

September 12th, 2006


Download the toonfuse podcast to listen to Lee and Tonys take on the NY indie animator, Patrick Smith. Find out what the interview didn’t discuss!

Fox Season Premiere Sunday

September 8th, 2006


This Sunday Sept. 10th 8/7c Fox is premiering a slew of shows. The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and The War at Home. Three of them being animated.

The thing I noticed was that all the shows have to do with “Nuclear” family units. Do families still sit down on sunday night to watch the television together?, or is that a figment of the past?


Hot Button Review: Cartoon Modern

September 4th, 2006


Toonfuse Podcast: Episode 19

“Cover to cover, the most beautiful book about style in Animation, I have ever had the pleasure to open.”
Many thanks go out to Amid Amidi for letting us deem it worthy of the toonfuse, Amid, if your reading this you totally made my year. We thoroughly enjoy this book, and recommend everyone check it out.

Listen to Episode 19 of the Toonfuse Podcast to hear a extensive review of this fantastic book.

ToonFuse Podcast: Episode 18

August 28th, 2006


What is Tony’s all time favorite Disney film?

A: Sleeping Beauty
B: Aladdin
C: Robin Hood

Find out the answer by listening to episode 18 of the Toonfuse podcast!


August 22nd, 2006


‘Tom & Jerry’ Smoking Scenes to Be Cut’

LONDON (Aug. 21) - Turner Broadcasting is scouring more than 1,500 classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons, including old favorites Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo, to edit out scenes that glamorize smoking.

They are going to edit out scenes from classic cartoons just because some British woman complained about 2 Tom and Jerry episodes?

Do you think this is outrageous?
If so call the Toonfuse hotline.

ToonFuse Podcast: Episode 17

August 21st, 2006


This week Tony and Lee going into the vault and talk about the old Tracy Ullman show.

Ever want to know why the Simpsons characters are yellow?

Listen to the Toonfuse Podcast to find out!

Toonfuse Podcast: Episode 16

August 15th, 2006


MTV Networks Acquires Atom Ent. For $200 Million

Atom is a collection of Web sites that include Shockwave and AtomFilms, offering online games as well as user-generated videos and short amateur film clips.

MTV, which turned 25, has been aggressively establishing itself online. The acquisition also reflects how large media corporations are trying to take advantage of the popularity of Internet video.

Special guest this week on the toonfuse podcast is Stop-Motion Animator, Alisa Stern.

Listen to Episode 16 of the Toonfuse podcast to find out more.

CGi Overload– and some rambling

August 13th, 2006


I’ll admit it. I went to the theaters and saw “Monster House.” I feel like I will never get back that hour and a half I spent watching the motion- capture- mess of a film. This summer I have only seen 2 animated movies in the theater. How many Animated movies were out this summer? Like 8? Damn. To bad most of them sucked.

Whatever happened to good old fashion animation?

ToonFuse Gets some pictures

August 12th, 2006


Friday marked a historic milestone in the history of Toonfuse (the worlds first community cartoon news site).
You can now post your stories with the wonder that is the stationary color photographs. No doubt this will be the hot topic on this weeks Toonfuse Podcast.

Many thanks go out to David and Marco over at Davidville.com for all their help developing new technologies that allow Toonfuse to work the way it should work.


Afro Samurai

August 10th, 2006


Forget Snakes on a Plane! Sam Jackson is Afro Samurai.

I’m not into Anime, so let me know your thoughts.

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