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Dugly Uckling in: Treasure Quest

TQ postcard!!

December 22nd, 2006

Hope you like it.

Still waiting for footage from overseas. Looks like after the holidays. Can’t wait to start editing and locking. Met with my music composer but don’t want to reveal until he’s been OK’d by the cartoon tribunal.
Happy Holidays from Dugly and crew!!!


New Post

October 30th, 2006


Color has been completed and shipped for Dugly and the gang.
Here are a couple of new BG’s painted by Natasha Liberman, a super talent and fun person to work with. Natasha is also my lead painter for the series “Growing Up Creepie” A hard working professional who works wonders with a brush and pentool.

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TQ’s Blazing Backgrounds

October 14th, 2006


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Dugly gets a Voice!

July 21st, 2006


Treasure Questers, Ho!
I’m proud to announce we’ve given birth to a bouncing baby voice for Dugly… thanks to John Kassir. This morning was a recording success- oodles of fun, food, frolic and cartoon pandemonium.
The photo is not the Bee Gees but my voice cast: Carlos Alazraqui as “Quiggums” and James Sei as the notorius “Monkeybutt”
Thanks guys!

I’m off to the Comic Con for a much needed R&R and plan to stop by the Random group to rub a few elbows.


Building Layout For Dugly’s World

July 5th, 2006


The rough layout is from a scene in the Jungles of Jambalaya.
Based on one of my storyboard sketches, a wonderfully skilled layout dude named Dan Mchugh interpreted my sketchiness and helped define the locales I was looking for. I enjoy his choice of shapes and composition- he brings a sense of “fun” to a drawing.

The casting net has been tossed out on Dugly. I’m always in search of good character voices that sound entertaining. Meredith Lane handles our casting. Haven’t quite heard the right voice for the duck yet, but I feel confident the Nick team will lure some good possibilities into the studio.

The coming storm: more sketches, layouts and ultimately color!.

Quiggums Unmasked

June 20th, 2006


Treasure Hunters Ho! As I continue to pen and sketch the adventure of Dugly the treasure happy fowl, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at Quiggums, the mystic guinea pig. Dugly’s spiritual chum.
To compliment Dugly’s feisty personality I was looking for a character that was more reserved- his voice of reason. Quiggums likes to toss out little “fortune cookie-isms” of wisdom that may or may not apply to the matter at hand.

Visually, his pudgy, round shape works nicely against Dugly’s sharp edges. I’m thinking of natural brown tones for him but I’ll have to experiment with the color backgrounds.

Quiggums’ thought for the day: “When life gives you lemons- make bathroom deodorizer!”

Next time
More sketches and perhaps a rough layout or two.
I’ll stay in touch.


Dugly lives!

June 15th, 2006


I remember scribbling a few ideas down last year about a kool world that involves riddles, treasures, and creatures. I was searching for an awesome, adventure-seeking, kick-butt kind of character who had the stealth of Batman, the power of the Hulk, and the dynamic posing of Spiderman.

Instead I came up with a duck. [The mind is a complex thing]

Hence the birth of Dugly, an ugly duck with gumption and a sense of humor. Check out some of my early sketches.

Thanks to Fred, Nick and the gang, I was able to bring this little guy with an indomitable spirit to life on the small screen.