The Two Witch Sisters

wecome to the two witch sisters’ bedroom!

February 28th, 2006

I just realized that I have never introduced the main chatacters Dorothy and Carrot!!! Dorothy is the small one who I created after my real sister “yun jeong” and the troubled red headed one is carrot. believe it or not they are twins!!

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Niki, it is always such a joy to see your work. I love the fabric patterns in your bgs, once upon a time I had developed a preschool show, and had dreams of doing the same thing, incorporationg fabrics,patterns,paper textures, into the backgrounds..you have done this so beautifully. Hopefully I will get to try this technique myself some day. Thank you for sharing and inspiring! You are too kewl!


thanks Aliki.did you already move into your old office which is where the two witch sisters rented?
^_^ your were right that room is blessed.


you such a ‘bitch’ to creat such a short and fat ugly bitch and declare everybody that you created that after me!! come on girl, pls be nice with me, a much prettier girl than yours^_*
btw, i thought the carrot one was after you??


oh,sister! I meant “cute-ugly”!!


those r 2 pretty witches


thanks,stephen you have very good taste in chicks.


This is looking so awesome. The patterns are great, the character design is great, and the story is so fun. I really wanna watch this right now.
But I’ll wait.


my show hasn’t left this country yet. we seem to be waiting for a while.


Such a cool style! (I especially like the fat kitty in the background…nee!) I still need to give you that book of wrapping paper patterns…Drop me an email sometime!


don’t worry about the book anne,I am taking care of the patterns.( Actually not me. Therese and the people in the N.Y office.) I still want to have a hang-out, mingle night with the people in oh-yeah. may be we should post a date and place on this blog. what do you think? stephen, are you up for it!?


That sounds nifty! This weekend is busy but next weekend I am all for it. Who else is joining in our relverly! (did I spell that right?)


I loooovvve your Bg’s. Good job. Are you at Family Guy, yet?


yes, I already started. stop by if you have time.


wassup babo.
guess who is sitting in your office.

i am.

i wish i had the office next to it though.. with the windoowsss.
umm.. ok. back to the drawing board.


you’d better whatch out for the mean-ugly-droppy-stinky witches! they are right behind you.


Carrot is based on ME! Bwahahahaha!


aha! i love love it!!


I DON’T belive you!!!


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